Seafood Industry

Geography plays a leading role in Québec’s seafood superiority. The St. Lawrence Estuary, with its mix of fresh and ocean water, produces an abundance of high quality fish and seafood. The proximity to shore means fishing boats are out of port for shorter periods, and the catch can be delivered, processed and shipped within a matter of hours.

Fisheries are a long and proud tradition in Québec and account for the livelihood of many villages along the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Most of Québec’s fishing industry is made up of small and mid-sized family-operated businesses going back generations. But there’s nothing traditional about them!

Québec fishing industry thrives on new technology, collaboration and innovation. Stringent practices and strict standards ensure quality, freshness and safety. Québec is internationally recognized for its sustainability efforts. In addition, a high degree of cooperation and partnership between boat owners, processors and retailers results in an uninterrupted chain of excellence from the St. Lawrence Estuary to your table.

The Québec fishing industry is responsive to the changing needs of national and international customers, blending new, ecologically responsible technologies with respected traditions and abundant resources to create a steady supply of superior seafood for health-conscious consumers.