Food Trade Events

The Québec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) dedicated business development team is located in 17 regional offices around the world. Our team of business development specialists are active in dozens of trade events around the globe each year, in addition to organizing and sponsoring trade programs of their own. For more information about these events attended by Québec agribusinesses, please visit our Food Trade Events Calendar. We also invite you to contact us directly about the possibility of creating a customized program built to your specific buying teams’ category  needs. Our goal is to work with you in the most time efficient and customized way in order to exceed your desired results.

Featured Events

SIAL Canada

Created in 1964 in Paris, the SIAL show has now expanded to 7 different events around the globe to include SIAL Canada. SIAL Canada is a showcase of North American food, beverage and equipment products that rotates annually between Montréal and Toronto. This unique gathering of retail, foodservice, private brand and food processing professionals takes place every April. 15,000 food professionals from around the world attend this event to network with their industry peers, to find new suppliers and the ideas that will drive their business and put them ahead of the curve. A sold out show floor of around 800 food and equipment suppliers from more than 45 countries exhibit each year. With more than 300 exhibitors from Canada and over 80 of those from Québec, SIAL Canada is without a doubt the benchmarking standard of the pan-Canadian offer. For more information about SIAL Canada visit

Events-Page23-SIAL- Cadre-14N0032-B2B (2)6 (2)Special VIP Treatment

Each year, the Québec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) extends a limited number of VIP Invitations to professional buyers around the globe to be their guest at SIAL Canada.  This by-invitation-only program is only open to food and beverage procurement professionals across all categories of the food industry and includes air, hotel, a sourcing B2B program with qualified potential suppliers, store tours, special networking events and VIP treatment, of course! For more information about this program and how your sourcing team can participate, contact Québec’s Business Development Officer-Food Industry in your region. For a complete contact list (click here).

B2B Meetings@ SIAL Canada…over 400 meetings for 40 global food and beverage buyers

  • Pre-selected according to YOUR product search criteria
  • Pre-scheduled 15 minute meetings for YOUR convenience

We know your time is your most valuable asset. So, let us help you find what you’re looking for! Our Business Development team works with over 400 exporting food and beverage companies from Québec every year.   We know our companies! We know their products! Tell us your product search and business partner criteria and let us find the right product and the right company that will insure that your time at SIAL Canada an excellent investment.

Custom Sourcing Trips…

Do you and/or your procurement team have a specific product/category need?…and/or an interest in better understanding Québec’s food and beverage offer? Let us know! Our team of food and beverage product sourcing specialists would welcome the opportunity to work with you to build a Custom Sourcing Trip to Québec designed to provide the solutions that you are seeking. Our team’s goal is to make the time that you spend with us efficient and productive. We combine our knowledge of Québec’s food industry and its suppliers with your specific requests, to produce the results that you need. For more information about how you and/or your food and beverage procurement team can participate in a Custom Sourcing Trip to Québec, please contact us .