Québec: A Unique Culture in North America

The seeds of French culture took root in Québec more than 400 years ago; around the time the Spanish and English had begun to colonize the rest of the Western Hemisphere. In those early years, French settlers in “New France” found their Gallic tradition enhanced by those of Québec’s other founding cultures, the first Nations (American Indian and Inuit) and the English.

In more recent times, Québec has served as a magnet, attracting immigrants from French-speaking populations around the world – France, Belgium, Switzerland, Indochina, along with Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. They have been joined by thousands of New Quebecers who hail from Italy, Portugal, China and Greece, and by immigrants of Jewish origin from all over the world. The result has no equal. Québec is North America’s only dynamic, creative, multiethnic society anchored in French and European heritage, yet undeniably Québécois at heart.