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Did you know that the oldest cheese made in North America is made on Québec’s Ile d’Orléans? Quebec is home to the first dairy school and first blue cheese in North America. The Trappist Monks even left their mark in Oka producing the iconic OKA cheese. Québec is proud of its cheese heritage within North America. Its cheese making expertise has been recognized through hundred of awards at competitions around the globe. The art of cheese making has undergone an extraordinary development over the past few years, with artisanal offerings often supplanting the reputation of French cheeses.  Milk from cows, goats, and sheep are made into award winning aged and raw milk cheeses; virtually all cheese categories are available.



Yogurt is just one of the many dairy products made in Québec. We are proud to be known as the dairy province of Canada. Anchored in the strong French tradition of yogurt making, today’s processors are at the forefront of the trend toward Mediterranean style yogurt as well as creating mouthwatering, unique flavor combinations, both which have helped to stimulate incremental growth in this product category.