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gourmet_gameGame Meat and Fowl

Québec boasts more than 100 companies specializing in wild and farm-raised game meats and fowl, including bison, red deer, wild boar, duck, pheasant, partridge and quail. Strictly enforced certification and inspection programs ensure only the highest quality meat. Quebec also closely monitors herd sizes and enforces regulation that insures the humane treatment of animals.


Specialty Products- Cadre-08N0644 (2)5 (2)Specialty Products

Preserves, jams, spreads, spice mixes, condiments, sauces, chutneys, maple products, honey, and more! These are but a few of the specialty products available for export. Québec is home to a wide range of companies, from the artisan producer who sells handmade jellies and pastries destined for the most exclusive boutiques in limited quantities, to the manufacturer capable of supplying large-scale customers, Québec has a product for everyone.