Pork and Veal Products

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Pork has long been a staple of Québec, dating back to the province’s foundation in 1534. Québec’s pork industry has undergone continual development and modernization, and the province adheres to strict sanitary and traceability norms. As a result, pork and value-added pork products from Québec are highly regarded domestically and in export markets around the world. Pork is, in fact, Québec’s top export to the United States and represents a rapidly growing market in Japan as well.


Québec’s grain-fed and milk-fed veal offer is vast, produced by 220 and 250 farms respectively. Strict traceability systems on all farms throughout the province is the standard. These measures were undertaken to reinforce already stringent Canadian laws governing public health and sanitation. Veal cutlets, cubes, escalope, and medallions grace award-winning restaurants in Québec and abroad.