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Shelfish and Mollusks- Cadre-Page10(2)5 (2) Shellfish and Mollusks

Québec’s deep, cold waters are unusually rich in plankton, which nourishes and produces shellfish and mollusks of exceptional quality and unique taste. From snow crab, lobster, and northern shrimp, to giant scallops and soft shell clams, Québec’s shellfish and mollusks are highly valued and in great demand throughout Canada, the United States and the world. Québec’s seafood industry works hard to maintain the highest standards of sustainability, excellence and conservation, and is internationally recognized for its efforts. In fact, Québec’s Northern shrimp fished is MSC certified since 2008, snowcrab fished in the south area of the Gulf of St. Lawrence since 2012 and also Iles-de-la-Madeleine lobster since 2013.

Fish-Page10-Cadre-PE10N0325 (2)8 (2)Fish

The convergence of fresh water from the St. Lawrence River and ocean water from the Gulf of St. Lawrence creates a rich marine environment that produces fish of outstanding quality and flavor. Fish from these waters – Greenland halibut, Atlantic halibut, Atlantic cod, mackerel and herring – are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to numerous health benefits. The efficiency and proximity of the Québec fishing industry ensures its fish are exported at the peak of freshness, arriving at major North American markets within hours. Québec’s state-of-the-art fishing industry takes freshness to new levels by using proprietary technology that keeps the catch-of-the-day live and healthy all the way to the port.